What To Do in Salem, MA

Happy Blogtober! I have been waiting and waiting to write this post as Salem is my home away from home. I spent my four years of college here and lived in the city my senior year and the summer prior. Salem is like no place you have ever been to; unique, beautiful, and of course spooky come Halloween season. From the water views to the cobble stone walkways, Salem, MA is an incredible place to be. I can promise you, if you go once, you’ll be back at least once a year.

So enough about my love for Salem, let’s get to what you want to know! I have broken down some amazing bars, restaurants, beaches, and more!

Let’s start with the 21 & Fun crowd shall we? Salem bars are so down to Earth, I used to go out in leggings and a cute layered tee/cardigan look or jeans/converse and look great. However, it is also a college flooded area, so if you like to dress up when you go out you will not be the only one in a skirt and cute shirt.

My absolute favorite bar is The Village Tavern. They have a restaurant area, two bars, pool tables, darts annnddd SKI BALL. Yes, you read that right, ski ball paid by quarters. Village Tav is casual and incredibly fun, a great place for those that don’t do the club scene (me).

​Another great bar is Bit Bar Salem. I can promise you, you have never been to a bar like this in your life. Bit Bar features classic arcade games, a smaller bar area, and food. I still remember my first time here, it was so different from any other bar I had been to. Chill with your friends and play Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Q*Bert, different movie themed pinball games, and so much more.

If you’re into club like bar scenes, spend a Thursday night at Murphy’s. If you want the full experience, you need to go on a Thursday. This is when Salem State University and Endicott students are there getting to ‘know’ one another (if you catch my drift). It is a two-floor bar with a lofted area and pool on the first floor.

Into long nights of awful karaoke?! Koto is the place for you! In college we spent every Wednesday here drinking scorpion bowls and singing our favorite early 2000’s hits.

Along with these three popular bars, there a ton of other places to go have a drink and plenty hole in the wall bars you must try.

Not technically a restaurant, Sammy’s Roast Beef is definitely where I have to start this list. ​Open until 2am to help end that bar crawl you went on, Sammy’s was the go-to late night food stop. I always ordered the buffalo chicken calzone from here but they are obviously well known for their roast beef. Another great place that it more for take-out is Kushco Bistro. They are more health driven and have plenty of amazing food options, anything I’ve had here has been amazing. The best part? You can order smoothies, shakes, sundaes, and frozen yogurt!

Anytime me and my friends wanted to sit somewhere for good food and good drinks we went to Tavern in the Square. They are a little pricey but the food is sooooo worth it. They also have little TV’s you can turn on in each booth in the dining area (we usually aimed for the time Spongebob was on). This is definitely a great place to start the night or go to with family.

There are SO many other food and restaurants options in downtown Salem I couldn’t possibly review them all. Just know, if you’re looking for something specific, chances are you’ll find it.


There are so many beautiful places in Salem that you won’t want to miss. I couldn’t list them all so be sure to take a look at Salem’s site for everything!


Along with the above, there are countless museums, witch shops, tours, etc. Don’t love scary and hate museums or haunted houses? Check out the beauty of the beaches, walks and views!

Things To See & Things To Do can overlap one another, you can go check out The House of Seven Gables or do the tour! I could write a million words on what to do and where to go in Salem so please to do all your research to hit everything you won’t want to miss!

​Have you already been Salem? What was your favorite part? I would LOVE to know!

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